What are the components of an irrigation system?

Common Irrigation Question #9: What are the components of an irrigation system?

The components that make up an irrigation system can have many brand names, designs, and colors, but they all serve the same function in the irrigation system.

To start with, an irrigation system has a dedicated water source that is plumbed out of the structure to a backflow device that allows water to flow out to supply the irrigation system and does not allow the water to return into the home or building. From the backflow, the main supply pipe is installed in designated areas where control valves are connected and housed in valve boxes that allow for maintenance.

A Valve Box
A Valve Box

Along with the main water supply line are control wires that will let the irrigation controller communicate with the valves. Each valve supplies a zone of irrigation components, whether they are sprinkler heads, drip lines, or micro irrigation. In addition, rain sensors, wind sensors, and other components can be added to the system.

An example of an irrigation controller.
An example of an irrigation controller.

All of these components are controlled by a main irrigation controller that is the brain of the system and is programmable to run multiple functions.

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