Giving Back

Giving Back Team work is evident in our everyday business activities. It is a key value of Barrett Lawn Care; we all help each other reach the common goal of customer satisfaction!

The Barrett Lawn Care employees have taken our team philosophy out into the community to give back to the communities we serve. Taking the time to give back is very important to Barrett Lawn Care for many reasons. Most notably, we value all that our customers have given us their business, so having a presence in our community feels like a great way to say thank you!

The Richfield Urban ½ Marathon is an annual event for our team. The proceeds of the run benefit Wood Lake Nature Center. The 2014 half marathon welcomed 1,200 runners through the Richfield community!

The Barrett Lawn Care team passed out water and cheered on runners at the 7-mile mark (water stop #3). We were so proud to have 40 of our employees and their families at the stop! As the runners jogged past us, you could feel the positive energy!

We finished the day back at our shop with a BBQ, yard games, and a special guest visit from Wolff Motorsports!

During the middle of August, our landscapers spent a morning volunteering at the State Fair Horticulture Building. Our crew, along with other volunteers, helped the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association to prepare the landscape display surrounding the Horticulture building. The display was viewed by millions of people during the MN State Fair.

MNLA Volunteer at State FAir

Our last community project for the summer of 2014 was to volunteer for an afternoon at the Landscape Association booth at the State Fair. Our team answered various questions about grass, weeds, landscaping, and a career in this industry.

Barrett Tean

The success of Barrett Lawn Care is a result of the customers that believe in our services and the association that supports our efforts. We are proud to give back in any way we can!


Great to see you guys engaging the local community in a really positive way. Hope Barrett Lawn Care keeps doing stuff like this! Cheers.

Fun, Dynamic, Driven, and Customer-Driven

[…] Four words to describe the Barrett Lawn Care team: fun, dynamic, driven, and customer-driven. Barrett Lawn Care strives to add qualified people to our team. Individuals who make great additions to our team enjoy working outdoors, taking pride in their work, and understand the value of delivering great customer service. Our team is dynamic because each member brings valuable skills and experience. We all learn from each other by teaching and training. Our team is fun! We celebrate the success of each season together. […]

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