Seasonal Care Plan

Barrett Lawn Care is pleased to announce that we are going to start offering a Seasonal Care Plan for our residential irrigation customers! What will the plan do for you? It will include a spring start up, mid-season check, and a fall winterization. The program will also offer discounts for any repairs that may need to be made during these visits.

Each visit will provide different services.

Spring Start-Up:
During the spring start-up we will get your water turned on, run through the system, make any necessary repairs, and set-up your controller for the upcoming season.

Mid-Season Check:
The mid-season check will be basically the same service with the advantage taking a look at how your system has been running based on the health of your grass. This will allow us to make any adjustments that we need to and make notes for next year to save you water and time.

Fall Winterization:
In the fall Barrett Lawn Care will come out to blow the water out of your lines and make sure that your system is ready for spring!


One payment for three great services that will get your sprinkler system running great, save water, save money, and save you some time!

~Bob Balgie, Irrigation Technician at Barrett Lawn Care

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