Professional Installation of a Sprinkler System

Are you thinking about installing a sprinkler system? Debating on trying to install it on your own? There are many benefits of having a professional install your irrigation system; including saving time, headaches, water, and money.

Your irrigation professional at Barrett Lawn Care will be aware of any new technologies that could save you water and money. With our expertise in design, your professionally installed system will give proper coverage with aim to minimize water while keeping your lawn luscious and green. At BLC we offer a five year warranty on workmanship, which is insurance that your irrigation system will be functioning at its best for summers to come and alleviate the headache of time spent on repair and frustration.

There is no need to worry when having a professional install your irrigation system. At Barrett Lawn Care we will design, install, and maintain a top tier sprinkler system that will leave you with a healthy lawn to enjoy for years to come. Give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss options, benefits, and an estimate to get your lawn looking the best on the block!

By Bob Balgie, Irrigation Technician at Barrett Lawn Care

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