What is a Fall Clean-Up?

What is a Fall Clean-Up?

I have been asked many times by various individuals about our spring and fall clean-ups. The main question is, “What exactly do you do?”. I will talk about fall clean-ups for this particular blog.

Fall clean-ups are always a daunting task for any lawn care company. The main purpose of a fall clean-up is to remove the leaves from the property. Sounds easy correct? Not necessarily so…

You must first start with a plan for your crews. People wandering around the property by themselves always lead to inefficiency. At Barrett Lawn Care, we always start by blowing out the beds/bushes of all the leaves and blowing them into an area where the lawn mower can pick them up. We then blow around all bases of the trees so that the lawn mowers can pick up the leaves, leaving the base of the tree clean. As we are blowing the leaves around the lawn, the mowers are busying cutting the grass and picking up the leaves. When the mowers are full of leaves, they need to be dumped out.
But then where do those leaves go? In comes the leaf loader truck. The mowers will dump their leaves in a pile in the parking lot and the leaf loader will then suck them up into the truck. When the truck is full, it is sent to the local dumpsite and the process begins all over again.

During fall clean-ups, we also cut back perennials such as hydrangea, daylilies, and ornamental grasses so that when the plant begins growing in the spring it’s not fighting the old growth from the previous year. Once the leaves are picked up, we do a final blowing of the property to make sure everything is perfectly clean.

We use the following equipment during our fall clean-ups:
Lawn Mowers: Exmark Lazer Z
Blowers: Echo PB-770
• Trimmers: Echo SRM225
• Leaf Loaders: Little Wonder & Billy Goat
Leaf Trucks: Chevrolet 3500HD Dump Trucks

As you can see from the list above, fall clean-ups are not simply something you can do and do well if you are not equipped properly.

I have added two videos for everyone to take a look at as well. The first video is a small sample of us blowing leaves out of beds and putting the leaves in a spot where the mowers can pick them up. The second video shows how the leaves get from the huge pile left by the mowers up into the leaf truck.


Both videos are also great examples of teamwork. Everyone is sticking together and helping each other to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.

By Mike Fritsche, Lawn Manager at Barrett Lawn Care

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