2016 Plumbing Code Changes

2016 Plumbing Code Changes

                There is a new plumbing code that went into effect January 23rd 2016 that will effect all sprinkler systems in Minnesota. I will go over what the new code says and what steps will now need to be taken to comply with the new rules. The basics are that we now have to test one specific piece of the irrigation system every year, the backflow.

                The backflow is the piece of equipment that prevents water from being taken from the irrigation system and put back into the main water supply. It is attached to the main water supply and from there goes into your irrigation system. On residential systems it is usually outside and looks like a brass version of a gas meter. There are different types and manufacturers for these backflows, but all accomplish the same goal; keeping water from entering the main water supply.

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The new code states that all backflows must be tested every year to ensure that they are working properly. These test results must then be submitted to the municipality. The homeowner and tester must also keep records from these tests. The actual new code can be found here: http://www.dli.mn.gov/CCLD/plumbing2015.asp 

The pertinent information is located under “Backflow Prevention”.

                The municipalities that monitor your water will be the ones who will enforce these new codes. If you do not comply with the new codes, based off current municipalities who are enforcing them, you may receive a fine for the first violation, a heavier fine for the second, and finally they may turn the water off to the system if you do not comply a third time. This example is just from one specific city and may not be the same for every city. Your cities website should have information coming soon.

                Luckily, Barrett Lawn Care will be able to perform these tests for you, along with taking care of the necessary paperwork! We will make sure the proper municipality gets their paperwork and that you receive a copy for your personal records.

I hope this information was helpful and we look forward to being able to offer you this new service.

Bob Balgie, Irrigation Technician at Barrett Lawn Care

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