Into the Fire

Into the Fire

Since the dawn of humankind, fire has played an important role in society. It has provided warmth and a certain level of protection from wild inhabitants. Its use by industrial and culinary applications is well documented. But consider the fact that it has also served as a center piece for social interaction and relaxation. In essence, fire was nature’s first television. The flickering warm light, the hiss of the wood, and the crackle and pop of the embers served as a nice background to leisure or meaningful conversation, as it still does.

Today, a property owner has a lot of options when it comes to outdoor fire features. There is something for every personality and use.
The traditional pit has long held reign as the most popular way to enjoy a fire. Having one dedicated spot to sit around and enjoy some marshmallows on a clear evening was the only way to go. As a result, the landscape industry easily found ways to integrate this type of arrangement into patios.
A few years ago, portable fire pits became very popular. The versatility of these units was quickly apparent and attractive to people with very little space or who liked to have a multi-use area.


Then came the popularity of the outdoor living room. Seat walls, beautiful all-season furniture with wooden arbors and pergolas could extend the existing comforts of the inside out into the yard. Why not add a fireplace as well? Why stop there – along with an outdoor kitchen, pizza ovens could be placed alongside to compliment built-in grills.

Grand Fireplace

Once the idea of creating spaces that were extensions of the interior was established, gas seemed to be a no-brainer. Imagine, at the flip-of-a-switch, one could bypass the collection of wood. They could altogether avoid the dirty soot and smoke and get straight to the entertainment! Heck, when the night was over – with the flip of a switch you’re done! – No dousing with water or worry about a stray ember lighting the house on fire!
The subject of fire in the landscape for both recreational and useful purposes could be discussed and dove into even further. There are plenty of other applications not even touched upon. The sky is the limit – though the price may be too for that matter!

Then there are the municipality restrictions and permits that need to be addressed. Fire is serious business and the government takes it very seriously, as they should. Both you and your install company should be aware of how things need to be implemented in your area.

Barrett Lawn Care has the resources and knowledge to point you in the right direction and realize your dream of an outdoor fire feature. Whether it is something small like a fire table, or an outdoor den complete with hearth and TV, we can get you to where you want to be. If you can dream it, chances are, we know how to do it!

By Chad Bischoff, Landscape Designer at Barrett Lawn Care

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