2016 Northern Green Expo

2016 Northern Green Expo

The Green Expo was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center once again this year with many attractions including new products, trending topics, and continued education in the horticulture industry.

Super Tuesday kicked off the Expo with a day of discussion focusing on trees. Treatment of disease, pruning, and young tree care were the three leading topics. Proper pruning and diversity in the landscape is key to a healthy landscape of trees. Pruning promotes good structural development of the tree while diversity of species ensures we do not create future problems for ourselves. For example, the overabundance of Ash trees in Minnesota with the now booming Emerald Ash Borer problem.

A tree with Emerald Ash Borer damage
A tree with Emerald Ash Borer damage

Many different pests are starting to emerge in Minnesota that we have not had a problem with before. Some insects that are already a problem and some that are coming into the state would include Emerald Ash Borer, Mountain Pine Beetle, and Gypsy Moth. Also, the Varroa parasite is a huge problem with Bee colonies. Some diseases we are worried about are the spread of Oak Wilt, Thousand Cankers Disease, and Heterobasidion Root Rot.

The following days at the Expo were consumed with networking and going to classes that covered tick control, microclimates of turf grasses, and pollinator updates.

Every year is an exciting opportunity to meet new people and make new connections while continuing to grow individually with educational services. All of this with new products and environmentally safe practices give us a very good reason to visit the Green Expo.

For more information on emerging tree diseases, pollinator updates, and other horticultural services please visit the links below.


By Chris Reifsteck, Chemical Applicator/Emerald Ash Borer Specialist at Barrett Lawn Care

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