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Paver Accents

Paver patios and sidewalks hold a lot of potential when it comes to accenting and making your home “pop”. The use of soldier courses to accent a surface is standard. Taking it a step or two further can really add a powerful aesthetic feel if done well.








The use of complementary colors and textures is becoming ever more popular in creating excitement within the paver surface. Playing off of elements in the yard or on the home not only ties the patio walkway to the rest of the landscape, but also lends a strong touch of class to the overall look and feel.

Paver Patio using Flagstone

The type of design you choose can be very simple or extremely technical. The sky is the limit—but so is the price when leaning toward the extravagant! The amount of cutting and labor that goes into the design will always play a role in the final bill.

With all that said—design and pattern is something that should be considered when pondering a new paver project. There are so many options. The skilled people at Barrett Lawn Care will gladly help you along the way. From the designers to the installers, we are experienced in helping you realize your vision.

By Chad Bischoff, Landscape Designer at Barrett Lawn Care

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