Liquid Ice Melt Experiment

Liquid Ice Melt Experiment

The winter of 2016-17 is upon us! This year, we have decided to conduct an experiment in the area of liquid ice melt.  We have been reading and hearing a lot about this topic, as salting in general is always under contention!  We are doing this experiment for many reasons, but for the most part we want to be educated and up to date with all our options and materials that are available. There are many benefits to this process, so hopefully we can reap the rewards and our customers will benefit the most!

We will start the process with a few experiments on the sidewalks first. We will try pre-treating the walks on the first go-around. Have you ever seen the lines of liquid on the roads a day before the storm? That is the exact principle we want to try. This helps keep the snow and ice from bonding with the pavement, thus making removal easier and more complete. We will also try post-treatment. This means we will shovel as normal and instead of putting down treated rock salt, we will put the liquid down and see how it performs.

                  Roads pre-treated before a snow storm.

We have purchased a LES-TL80SS spreader from Site One Landscape Supply in Burnsville along with 5 gallons of liquid ice melt.  Check it out here:

This unit is similar to a fertilizer spreader except it dispenses liquids with a battery-operated pump and adjustable nozzle. This should help with conserving the amount of salt that is used along with increasing efficiency.

I will post our updates and results as we move forward.  Check back soon!


By Mike Fritsche, Lawn Manager at Barrett Lawn Care

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