UPDATE: Liquid Ice Melt Experiment

Liquid Ice Melt Experiment – UPDATE

This is an update to our liquid ice melt experiment. As you all know, on the morning of Tuesday, February 7th we received some freezing rain/drizzle throughout the metro area.  Watching the forecast and knowing this was a possibility, I pre-treated our parking area in the front of our building with the liquid ice melt. I did this at 3:30 pm on Monday afternoon and the precipitation started Tuesday about 7:00 am.  As you can see from the pictures, the results of the application were completely opposite of each other!

Treated older concrete.
Treated newer concrete with an existing sealant.








The first picture is old existing concrete. The liquid spread out and covered as I would expect.  The second picture is 3-year-old concrete which had a sealant applied when it was poured. It is almost like the concrete absorbed the material and/or the material dried up or evaporated.

The overall results were less than ideal.  The old concrete held up fairly well for an hour or so and then it gave way and became as icy as an untreated surface. The new concrete area did not hold up at all and it was like it was never treated.  In the end, we had to treat both areas again with granular salt to get the results we needed, which was an area free of ice.

The machine worked well as expected and I had no issues applying the material. I will continue to experiment with this product and update as the results come in.

By Mike Fritsche, Lawn Manager at Barrett Lawn Care

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