Team Building

Team Building

Team building events can be a great way to build morale and celebrate success, together, as a business.  This is something we at Barrett Lawn Care embrace. We take advantage of whatever down time mother nature provides us in the winter to capitalize on getting to know one another and building relationships.

Good leadership and good business starts at the top. For us at Barrett Lawn Care Laura Barrett does a phenomenal job of setting the gold standard of what she wants her business to be, and her leadership team to uphold, as far as culture and values.

Some of these team building activities directly relate to our business, and sometimes they are aimed at simply spending time together and interacting at a personal level. For us, professional success directly parallels personal health and success, and we believe that supporting and developing our staff as a whole is paramount to our future being successful.

Recently we had the opportunity to take in some non-business related team building! Our venue of choice for this event was Smaaash At the Mall of America.

Smaaash does a great job of catering your event to meet your needs from food, to drinks, to gaming.

I personally recommend the air hockey!


By Derek Tweten, Landscape Manager at Barrett Lawn Care

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