Outdoor Living Spaces That Fit You

Outdoor Living Spaces that Fit You

So, you want one of those so-called “outdoor living spaces”.  What does that mean?   It can actually mean quite a lot in quite a lot of different things!  Everyone has their own personality and diverse ways to “recharge the batteries”.  Some folks are simple and enjoy quiet and privacy while others like to entertain family, friends, and/or children.  A lot of us are in between. Depending on who you are and what you enjoy, there is a space for you.

Gardeners may just want an oasis to meander around on paths and enjoy plant material. These people love nature and take solace in surrounding themselves with everything it has to offer. Stone paths meandering through a lush garden or a patio surrounded by a variety of plants would suit them nicely.

Some people may only want to escape and relax privately as they soak in a hot tub or listen to the soft churn of a water feature.

Families with children have their obvious set of requirements. Fire pits, swimming pools, and playsets are in order. Open spaces for running, playing, and/or setting up a tent are vital.

And then there are the partiers. People who like to host and have good time. There is a bit of this in all of us. This is where things can get really fun (if not expensive).  These spaces are made for entertaining.  Swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, lighting, and media centers can add the feeling of a resort right in the back yard!

So who are you?  What are your priorities?  Is it budget?  How big of space do you have to work with? How often will it get used? Who will use it?

All the above questions – and more – need to be answered before a shovel hits the ground. At Barrett Lawn Care, our sales and design staff are ready and willing to help you navigate your journey toward a new outdoor living space – whatever that fit it may be!


By Chad Bischoff, Landscape Designer at Barrett Lawn Care

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