Pressure Regulation

Pressure Regulation

When it comes to saving water and money with our irrigation systems, pressure regulation can be a key factor and is often overlooked. Sprinkler nozzles are designed to have a certain amount of water and pressure coming out of the head to operate at peak performance.  If the pressure is too high we can fix this issue with regulators at the sprinkler head, fitting, or valves. Too much pressure can cause the heads to create a fog or mist, wasting a lot of water and costing you money. If a system does not have enough pressure, it will be a maintenance issue and an irrigation professional can help to rectify this.

There is an optimal PSI for every sprinkler head to create the most efficient and effective water distribution. However, for every 5 PSI a head is above optimal, it is wasting 6-8% of the water. This number may not seem huge, but even at just 5 PSI over it is like watering your lawn an extra cycle every 12th day. The further away from optimal pressure your system is, the more water and money you are wasting. Fortunately this can be an easy fix.

As we discussed earlier, there are three main ways to fix a high-pressure problem: with a pressure regulated head, fitting, or valve. The two most effective ways to do this are with either a head or a fitting. This way the pressure is reduced at the point of distribution and will have the best success. Reducing the pressure at the valve can cause every head to still have a variance of pressure, and is better than nothing, is still not getting the desired outcome.


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By Bob Balgie, Irrigation Technician at Barrett Lawn Care

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