Spring has sprung! If you have some thin areas in your yard, now is a good time to think about finding a solution for them. There is a general rule of thumb that overseeding should be done in the fall in conjunction with aeration. This surely is an option, but it need not be observed as the rule.

Spring can be a wonderful time to overseed your lawn. The temperatures are at a great point to accommodate seed germination and establishment. Your existing turf is also ready to be fertilized at this time of year. In conjunction with overseeding, you can, and should, apply an application of starter fertilizer. This will jump-start the new seed as well as your existing turf.

If you are taking steps to improve your lawn now is also a good time to start a broadleaf and fertilizing regimen. The new seed needs a chance to establish itself before it is ready to withstand a broadleaf chemical treatment. A safe rule of thumb on this is to apply after the second cutting of the newly germinated grass. An approximate time frame on this would be about six weeks.

These are all services that you can choose to do yourself with some research and rental equipment.  If DIY is not for you, Barrett Lawn Care has expertise in these areas and would be happy to assist you!

By Derek Tweten, Landscape Manager at Barrett Lawn Care

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