Quality Over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

It’s a term that gets a lot of play.  Quality over Quantity. It seems like a reasonable and straightforward mantra. Paying more for something of higher quality will be the smart move in the long run. However, when walking into a grocery store with a limited budget, the “bang-for-your-buck” approach becomes pretty compelling. Many a young college student has had to choose between 20 packs of ramen noodles vs a few fresh fruits and veggies. It’s all in the context…and what the pocketbook dictates sometimes.

Choosing what you want in a landscaping project is obviously nothing like trying to keep your belly full. But people do tend to take a similar approach in their decision making when it comes to a project. The mind knows one thing, but the heart wants more! It all really depends upon the individual and what their bank account says.

The word that should be the cornerstone of any decision is priorityKnowing what is most important, and where the money should be spent can go a long way into deciding what can get done.

In landscaping, items like rock, mulch, and dirt don’t have the variances in quality that something like edging does. But even with this item, it becomes personal preference.

Hardscapes, such as pavers and block, are where choices do really count. There is a significant difference in what you can get at a big box store vs a specialized vender. “Professional-grade” products such as Borgert or Rochester will stand up to the harsh climate conditions much better than the simple, cheap items found where you can also pick up toothpaste. Sure, you can get a larger patio or retaining wall, but what will they look like in a couple years? Will it be worth the time, effort, money, and embarrassment when your relatively new (but cheap) retaining wall crumbles?
The issue of installation needs to be addressed as well. What is your time worth? Are you willing to take on a DIY project of this kind? Do you even have the means to install the job?   Without the right equipment, you might as well say goodbye to your summer. Enter the choice of whether to hire a professional contractor. You get what you pay for here as well. Do your research because integrity and skill is everything!

Barrett Lawn Care has the resources, expertise, and longevity in the industry that can put your mind at ease. BLC has a sales and design staff that will help you put your money to good use. Our reputation is extremely important to us. We will provide the best possible work out there!


It’s all about priorities!

By Chad Bischoff, Landscape Designer at Barrett Lawn Care

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