January Tips

Here are a couple tips to keep us cold gardener’s moving!

Replanting those overgrown house plants is a good project to complete while the snow keeps falling, and falling.  Gently wash off the leaves or mist lightly to wash off any dust that has settled.  While dusting check for any insects that may have nestled in for the winter and treat accordingly.  Your plants will be so happy!!

I always feel like I need a new blooming houseplant this time of year, especially when the Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus are looking less than desirable.  Check out your local garden center for Orchids, Cyclamen, blooming Cactus or maybe a bright colored foliage plant!  Creating a colorful mixed garden of blooming plants is a great way to get the kids involved!

Remember to feed the birds and if you have a heated birdbath make sure to refill!

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