Common Irrigation Issues

Water is an important component of green grass and healthy plants!  When the system does not work correctly, it can be frustrating.

Some of the issues we see with irrigation systems are as simple as a broken head or clogged nozzle. Other things we see are zones stuck “on” (which means the zone continues to water and does not shut off), leaking pipes, or wire problems. At times irrigation parts need to be repaired because of age.

Irrigation leak found in the pipe near the valve
Barrett Lawn Care irrigation team repairing an irrigation pipe leak

We recently were asked to work on an irrigation system that had areas of the system that were not turning on. We found and replaced valves and diagnosed wire problems.

Barrett Lawn Care offers service and installation for underground sprinkler systems at commercial and residential properties. We hold the applicable license required by the MN Department of Labor and Industry to perform these services and our team has years of training and experience!

Changing an irrigation valve
terry nelson

Have an irrigation system in the front of my house and one head in the center does not work. Could it be not enough water pressure to open it.
It has worked in the past.
No water is coming out..


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Seasonal Care Plan

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Pam Lassila

I grew up in a place where it rained a lot and we never needed sprinklers like this! But I moved away for college and where I live now has sprinklers and it’s like a whole new world with them! They keep the lawns looking so nice and well kept. It’s definitely worth getting them fixed if one breaks.

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