Outdoor Kitchen

The fact that you have an outdoor space that you’re proud of is an obvious indication of your love of the outdoors.  Do you perhaps also love to cook and bake?

It’s likely that a lot of people hadn’t thought of combining those two hobbies in their yard.  In years past it was very costly to build an outdoor kitchen, and it was very time consuming and labor intensive.  As with everything, this has changed some, especially in the past few years.

With some new technology and innovations in concrete there is now a wide assortment of quality options for an outdoor kitchen. (I have personally built with the old way and the new options.)

The opportunities available to you are almost limitless.  The primary limiting factors really come down to the amount of space you have available, and of course your budget.  You can do sinks, refrigerators, grills, ovens, fire hearths, etc., all in your outdoor kitchen.  You can also easily choose between your favorite fuel; propane, wood, natural gas, or electric.

A fire pit using NY Bluestone and Diamond Fire Glass.
A fire pit using NY Bluestone and Diamond Fire Glass.

As I stated previously there are a lot of quality options available now.  I personally have become partial to products by Rockwood®.  Their outdoor living line is called necessories™.  You can find more information here; http://www.outdoorlivingkits.com/, or stop in and see us today!

~ Suggestion by Derek Tweten, Landscape Manager at Barrett Lawn Care.  Derek has years of experience in many aspects of landscaping. For more information, Derek can be reached at 612-866-7522 or info@Barrettlawncare.com.

John Ferrell

I like that you said that there are limitless opportunities. I think that if I was redoing my yard, I would want it how I like it. I think that you might want to find out what you want and see how it looks before you make a final decision.

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